Polished Concrete Professionals

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University of Tennessee Music Center polished concrete floors


The Professionals provide high-quality polished concrete services using many different approaches, depending upon the specified aggregate exposure and finished gloss. Our third-party certified team of professionals is experienced with all CPAA-approved methods of polishing, including bonded abrasives, burnishing and hybrid approaches.


Add color to polished concrete to create a unique look for your particular floor. Use a single color from our list of dyes, or add borders, patterns and custom designs to give your space a distinct look. View examples of our work here.

Grinding / Floor Prep

If you need grinding services to remove a surface from the floor, The Professionals can provide this as well. Using heavy grit abrasives, old flooring surfaces such as epoxy, paint and adhesives may be removed for the purpose of applying another floor sealer, coating or covering.

Joint Repair and Joint Sealant

To accompany your polished concrete floor, sometimes it is necessary to repair concrete expansion joints, holes, cracks or other damaged areas. Aesthetically, joint sealant will complement the natural color or chosen dye of the polished concrete floor while also improving the structural integrity.