Polished Concrete Professionals

Why Polished Concrete


Polishshed Concrete at B/E Aerospace

Polished concrete utilizes the existing slab as the finished floor surface for a more cost effective, long-term flooring solution.

More Durable and Cost Effective

Unlike epoxy, paint and other surface coatings that can wear off, your concrete is the wear surface, which is extremely durable. If needed, polished concrete can be refurbished for a fraction of the original investment and time.

Less Maintenance and Longer Service Life

Polished concrete floors require minimal maintenance. No more strip and waxes or coatings requiring labor, time and material expense to maintain. Additionally, polished concrete can be resistant to marks left by forklift tires and fluid staining.

Resistant to Moisture Issues

Polished concrete allows the floor to breathe, eliminating many of the moisture-related issues that cause coverings such as carpet, tile and epoxies to fail.

High Light Reflectivity

The increased reflectivity will brighten your space and can save energy costs by reducing the amount of artificial lighting needed.

A Safe Surface

When polished correctly and following the recommended maintenance program, the floor will have a coefficient of friction meeting or exceeding national standards.

Green Flooring

Polished concrete is environmentally friendly and will contribute towards LEED credits

Why The Pros?